Opening a shop on Etsy was not something that I ever dreamed I’d do. It came about through my love of sewing and designing things to sew and the accumulation of projects that someone suggested I should start selling. So, here I am.

I think I’m addicted to fabric. No..., let me rephrase that. I know I’m addicted to fabric. I walk into a fabric store and honestly, I could buy a piece of every type and design of fabric in the place. Unfortunately, I can’t possibly do that. But, I would like to. I do tend to get carried away sometimes though.

My Mom and I were very close when I was growing up and she taught me a lot of what I know about sewing. It’s where I got my passion for sewing from. I remember watching her make our clothes when we were young and how meticulous she was about the process (and how patient she was with me when I wanted to learn). She is now in a long term care facility with Alzheimer’s and I dearly miss those days and our time together.

Right now I am trying to do all of my own designing. My process starts in my head. I think of something that I feel would be a wonderful creation and I go from there. Getting the measurements right is the most difficult part. Everything in my shop is created by me from the cutting to the finished project.

I love to create. Especially things for children. I have 3 beautiful grandchildren - 2 boys, ages 8 and 3, and a beautiful granddaughter, aged 10 months. Making things for them is such a pleasure. My DS case design was inspired by my oldest grandson asking Nan if she could make something to put his DS in.

I love life, have a great sense of humor, and enjoy the little things.

I do work outside the home, but my dream is that one day “In Needles and Stitches” will be my one and only job. But, it really isn’t a job when you love what you’re doing, is it?

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